And So It Begins…

Trying to establish oneself as a professional writer or filmmaker is an almost insurmountable task. But as Martin Scorsese once said, “if the machinery of it all seems too big and daunting…it’s great. You wake up in the morning and you do it anyway. If it seems impossible, even better. You do it anyway.” is my ‘doing it anyway’, as I float my ideas out into the world, warts and all. This website is designed as a platform for me to pitch film ideas and share writing samples, as a supplementary endeavour to one day sees my stories up on the big screen. I am excited to share these many narrative sparks with you, as I hope they will engage and entertain you as much as they have me.

Along the way, I will be occasionally dropping the odd blog entry and film review to keep my content current. But, for the most part, here stands ground zero for every feature-length idea that niggles and tugs at my waking thoughts…relentless enough that I simply have to get them out of my mind and into yours.

Oh, and, er, if you see anything you like, drop me an email.

Published by Bradley Williams

filmmaker. writer. father. husband. not really looking for vengeance in this life or the next (Follow me @iamBradWilliams)

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