‘Exile in Tomis’

“After a number of years in self-imposed exile, disgraced music producer Tony Rogers sees an opportunity to re-ignite his failing career. But is it the right choice?”

‘Wasteland Rose’

“It is 1867. Stranded in the Nebraskan wilderness, a Native American woman must fight against the elements for survival. But to do so, she must also confront her inner demons.”

And So It Begins…

Trying to establish oneself as a professional writer or filmmaker is an almost insurmountable task. But as Martin Scorsese once said, “if the machinery of it all seems too big and daunting…it’s great. You wake up in the morning and you do it anyway. If it seems impossible, even better. You do it anyway.”

About Me

“You need to market your scripts. This is the only way to be heard.”

I heard this once and took it to heart. My name is Bradley Williams. I am a writer and filmmaker based in the UK, and I am here to pitch my film ideas to the world.

All film ideas are my IP, naturally.